The Patient

*The following text preceded a concert event in 2016, and is shown here in perpetuity. The CD is still very available and will be used for payment for cancer bills in cancer patients, EACH YEAR, particularly children. You are encouraged to help us to help others! Make a donation or buy a CD!*


While the patient wishes to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons below), here are details of this specific case.

The patient is a young man in his 20’s, currently living in Arlington, Texas. He went to see a doctor about some pain issues and was diagnosed with a very aggressive testicular cancer. After returning for further tests, the cancer was determined to be so aggressive that he needed immediate surgery for testicular removal.

When the surgery was completed and he went quickly for post-surgical testing, the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. He was quickly taken back to surgery for removal of lymph nodes. Even after these drastic procedures, his doctors found his cancer markers to be even more aggressive. He was then put on 9 weeks of very intensive, high dose chemotherapy. After the chemo, his cancer markers finally began to show he was improving. He is still not “out of the woods” with his cancer markers.

Instead of working from home, which his company invited him to do, he went right back to work at the work site, while recovering from all the chemo and surgeries. The extensive medical procedures resulted in a mountain of medical bills, which surpassed his work-related insurance.

It is for this reason we choose to try and help him with this benefit concert, and anything associated with it. This is simply an effort to help “pay it forward” and we hope to raise enough to help him. If this benefit is a success, any funds that exceed his medical bills will go to another local person who also faces cancer related medical bills. We all know somebody, or are related to somebody, whose life has been affected by cancer, and the financial burdens of cancer. Again, this is simply a means to “pay it forward” and help someone with a genuine need. We hope you will help in this effort!

If you cannot attend the show, please look at the CDs section of this website. You can make a donation and receive a double set of great music for your home, car or office, which you will enjoy very much. Please help in any way you can, and pass the word about this to friends and social media!