Please Make A Donation!

Can’t Attend?

Nobody makes a penny off the live show or the CD. Every cent goes to the cancer patient. If we make more than his bills require, we will use those funds for another cancer patient in need.

Some musicians we work closely with are unable to make the live show date. Instead, they are sending us SPECIAL TRACKS for a “CancelCancer NOW” CD. You can donate NOW (Before and After the Benefit Concert) to receive this very special compilation of songs and artists! Confirmed CD artists include:

Andrew Tinker
Exit 380
Heather McCready
Mark Robbins
Rahzim Quazi
Salim Nourallah

While you are encouraged to financially support this worthy cause from your heart, we ask a minimum donation of $15 for a 2-CD set! We also will offer emailed MP3 version songs to anyone who donates for the CDs. You can make a donation now (Before and After the Benefit Concert) to Cancel Cancer NOW via Paypal and tell us you want the CDs in Paypal comments. We also accept contributions of any size, large or small, whether or not you want the CDs. This is about helping someone who needs help. Just use this button: